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39th Annual STFM Conference on Medical Student Education

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PF1 Adding Students Adds Value: First-Year Students Work as Health Coaches

Kathy Hamlin; Isabel Edge; Margo Vener, MD, MPH

01/26/13 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Presidio A

We sought to train students not just to practice primary care but to help improve the practice of primary care. We trained students as health coaches so that they could play a meaningful role on an interdisciplinary team and also help improve the quality of care in our community clinic. Our goals were for students to: (1) appreciate the value of evidence-based primary care and prevention, (2) gain experience in interprofessional care, and (3) participate in innovative systems-based improvement projects. Students measured vital signs, counseled patients about blood pressure, explained preventive health tests, reconciled medications, and counseled about diet, exercise, and smoking. This pilot project may form the basis of a primary care leadership academy that combines clinical experience and primary care transformation projects.

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