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Session Formats

STFM's Annual Spring Conference offers a variety of session formats to satisfy differing needs. Here is a brief overview of the types of sessions available for your participation.

Completed Projects and Research

Original research presented on education, process of care, patient-oriented outcomes, and quality of care studies.

Multiple presentations are grouped for each 60-minute session.


Lecture presentation, with specific time set aside for audience interaction and/or discussion that introduces a curricular, teaching, administration, or faculty development topic.

Two 30 minute lecture-discussions are paired for each 60-minute session.

Panel Discussion

Description: An interactive session with a moderator, and two to four expert panelists leading a discussion and/or interactive activity about an innovative or provocative topic in family medicine education.  Active audience participation is required.   

Time: 60 minutes 

Research Poster

Presentation display on quality-of-care studies and investigators' completed original research.

Posters are displayed for a full day, with 60 minutes of dedicated presentation time.

Scholarly Topic Roundtable Discussion

Roundtable presentation for 10 participants about ideas, experiences, or projects pertinent to family medicine education, clinical care, research, or management.

These 50-minute discussions take place during the continental breakfast in the general session ballroom.

Scholastic Poster

Presentation display on innovative educational or curricular projects pertinent to family medicine.

Posters are displayed for a full day, with 60 minutes of dedicated presentation time.


An interactive, audience participation session about an innovative educational, administrative, research, career development, or clinical topic.

Seminars are 60 minutes.


Brief lecture presentation on an in-progress project related to teaching, education, curricular or clinical intervention, management innovation, or quality improvement.

Four 15-minute presentations are paired for each 60-minute session.


Extended, interactive session that provides a task-oriented, small-group educational experience directed toward the acquisition, demonstration, construction, and/or synthesis of specific knowledge, skills, and /or attitudes.

Workshops are 90 minutes.

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