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Behavioral Science/Family Systems Educator Mentors

Kathryn Fraser, PhD—Fellowship Director

Kathryn is the Psychologist/Behavioral Medicine Coordinator in the Halifax Health Family Medicine Residency in Daytona Beach, Florida where she has been since 1994.  Her special interests include cross-cultural health, anxiety disorders, professionalism in medicine, and the doctor-patient relationship.  She especially enjoys one on one teaching/consultation with residents, curriculum development, and coordinating faculty development in her program.  She recently published and continues to work on articles about counseling skills of family physicians with her amazing colleagues in the Florida Behavioral Medicine Consortium.  Away from work, she enjoys spending time with her husband, son and daughter, doing yoga and aerobic exercise, and taking walks and exploring Florida’s parks with their lovable dog (and whichever humans want to come along). She found it extremely rewarding to serve as a mentor in Year 3 of the Fellowship and the Director of Mentoring in Years 5 and 6.

Terri Wall, PhD—Director of Mentoring

Terri is the Coordinator of Behavioral Sciences at St. Vincent’s Family Medicine Residency in Jacksonville, Florida.  She attended the University of Florida (BS) and Penn State University (PhD).  Her interests include integrated primary care and professional wellness/resiliency.  She enjoys consultation with residents, innovative curriculum development with colleagues, and teaching professional collaboration between physicians and behavioral health professionals.  She has presented at the Forum and STFM, and received the Impact Award at The Forum for a group lecture on Behavioral Interviewing.   She is a board member of Mental Health America Jacksonville and is involved in local committee work in the area of integrated primary care. Away from work, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 4 children, playing tennis, and reading (almost anything). She was a year 4 Fellow and found the experience extremely energizing.  She is very excited to serve as the Meta-Mentor for the Fellowship this year.

Jay Brieler, MD

Jay has been spent his career combining behavioral health, underserved medicine, and primary care. He trained at St. Paul- Ramsey FMR in Minnesota studying family systems with Tai Mendenhall, PhD and Jerica Berge, PhD. He then served as one of the primary mental health providers in rural southern Illinois and pursued coursework at Saint Louis University in Marriage and Family Therapy. He joined the SLU FMR faculty in 2013, primarily focusing on improving the mental health training of primary care physicians. Along with presenting Grand Rounds on psycho-pharmacology, he presented at the Forum on Integrated Care, and established cross training of FMR residents and MFT graduate students at SLU. He has published on interactions between depression, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes, as well as prescribing patterns in primary care. Away from work, he is a chess coach for several local schools and plays guitar at cozy venues with the Peaceful Fools.


Leanne Chrisman-Khawam, MD

Leanne serves as the Vice Chairman of Graduate Education and Innovation, as well as Program Director for the Residency at CWRU/Metro Health FMR. Graduating from Oregon Health and Sciences University in 1993 and University of Washington Inland Empire FMR in 1996, she has been a medical educator engaged in behavioral sciences since 1997.  Leanne has a strong interest in collaborative behavioral-family medicine care and has received multiple awards for Patient experience, Compassionate Care, as well as education and mentorship. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Behavioral Scientists and Medical Educators and The STFM Task Force for Leading Change.  This is her first year as a BFEF mentor.


Beverlee Ciccone, PhD

Beverlee is Associate Director of Behavioral Sciences at Hunterdon FMRP.  She completed Masters and Doctorate degrees from Temple University in Psychology/Health Behavior and is a licensed psychologist in Pennsylvania.  She trained at the Marriage Council of Philadelphia, which was part of the Department of Psychiatry at University of Pennsylvania.  She has taught family medicine residents for over 20 years, and loves working with residents.  She began her Behavioral Science career at Hunterdon, but worked at a number of other programs including Montgomery FMR near Philadelphia for over ten years, until the program and hospital closed. She returned to work at Hunterdon three years ago.  She has presented many lectures, workshops, and discussions at STFM conferences over the years dealing with a wide range of topics involving the role of behavioral scientists, medical faculty, and, of course, family medicine residents.  She is very excited about this year as a BFEF mentor! 


Elizabeth Klein, MD 

Elizabeth graduated from USC Medical School (1986) and Santa Monica FMR (1989), and has a Masters in Medical Education. She started the PMG Family Medicine Milwaukie Clinic (1999) and the Providence Oregon FMR (2001). She specializes in treating patients from birth until death and enjoys teaching family medicine residents/medical students skills to manage these patients. She has helped develop a strong behavioral health curriculum and promoted behavioral health integration in the medical home. She has spoken nationally on depression screening/management in primary care, ethics in residency training, behavioral health integration in the medical home and LGBT care.  She most enjoys teaching about the doctor-patient relationship, team based care, patient safety, and resident wellness. She has been married for 32 years to her medical school sweetheart and has 2 wonderful sons. In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her husband, walking ½ marathons with girlfriends, baking, playing piano, and photography. 


Larry Mauksch, MEd

Larry is a Clinical Professor Emeritus, Department of Family Medicine, University of Washington and a nationally recognized speaker/consultant for health care system transformation.  He spent 30 years training a variety of health care professionals in interviewing skills, team development, and the diagnosis/management of mental disorders. He is the co-editor of Families, Systems, and Health: The Journal of Collaborative Family Health Care and is past chair of the Collaborative Family Health Care Association.  He served on the board of STFM, was chair of the STFM program committee, and is currently an STFM “On the Road” faculty. Larry’s scholarship interests include competency assessment, behavioral health integration, and examining educational strategies to enhance the value of health team member communication on patient satisfaction, health outcomes and efficiency. He developed the Patient Centered Observation Form (PCOF) to help trainees learn the skills, concepts, and language of medical communication.


Randall Reitz, PhD

Randall is the Director of Behavioral Sciences at St Mary’s Family Medicine Resident in Grand Junction, Colorado. In this capacity, he also directs a fellowship for medical family therapists that is co-sponsored by the University of Colorado. He completed his doctorate in family therapy at Brigham Young University. His scholarship focuses on professional development, mentorship, narrative medicine, and integrated primary care.  He is on the board of directors of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association and co-edits the narrative medicine section of the journal “Families, Systems, and Health”. Raising 3 children brings purpose, trail running with his wife ensures adventure, and baking and music are creative outlets. He was a fellow in the 3rd year of the BFEF fellowship under the dedicated tutelage of Colleen Fogarty and Jeff Ring.

Jill Schneiderhan, MD

Jill is faculty in the Department of Family Medicine at University of Michigan where she practices full- spectrum family medicine, including teaching residents/medical students.  She was also the Director of Behavioral Medicine at Providence Hospital FMRP in Southfield Michigan for 10 years.  She has clinical interests in behavioral medicine, integrative medicine, obstetrics, and chronic pain management.   She has spent much of her career focused on teaching and curriculum development in these areas.  She is currently serving as the Interim Director of the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at University of Michigan, and will be supervising a Fellow in a newly created Behavioral Medicine fellowship.  Outside of work she spends time with her 8 year-old daughter and her husband doing almost anything one can do outside, with or without a ball of yarn in hand.  She was a member of the inaugural BFEF fellowship and that experience solidified her love of behavioral medicine.  

Adrienne Williams, PhD

Dr Williams serves as the Director of Behavioral Science for the University of Illinois at Chicago Family Medicine Residency. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Yale University, and earned her MA and PhD at Duke University. She then completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in Primary Care Psychology/Behavioral Medicine at Michigan State University Consortium for Advanced Psychology Training. She received the Forum Impact Award for her presentation on Improving Pelvic Exams, and in 2013 was awarded the Faculty Teaching Award at University of Maryland Department of Family and Community Medicine.  She is involved in multiple interdisciplinary research projects and has published with psychologists, physicians, and pharmacists. She sub-specializes in clinical work with sexuality and gender, including: sexual dysfunctions, sexual abuse/assault, sexual orientation, and transgender care. She has served as a personal mentor for new behavioral scientists, and is excited for her first year as a BFEF mentor.


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