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Leadership Development Opportunities: Senior Department Administrators

Find leadership development opportunities sponsored by family medicine organizations. The following opportunities are available for department administrators in academic family medicine. 

ADFM Administrator's Preconference

Sponsor: Association of Departments of Family Medicine (ADFM) 
Audience: Senior Department Administrators
Length: 1 day
User Fees: $110 in 2018 (fees may vary)
Awards:  None
Description: This preconference workshop held before the ADFM Winter Meeting is for senior department administrators who are members of ADFM and is designed to address critical knowledge and skills unique to that of directing the financial and administrative functions within a department of family medicine. The kinds of issues commonly addressed are: sharing best practices and success stories; developing and managing compensation plans; managing faculty recruitment; managing relationships with state, other government, and private funders; clinic management including practice transformation (PCMH and beyond); chair-administrator partnership; the role of the administrator in the department; and managing departmental resources. 

Administrator’s Mentorship Program

Sponsor: Association of Departments of Family Medicine (ADFM)
Audience: New Department Administrators
Length: 1 year
User Fees: None
Awards: None
Link:  (ADFM membership required to access)
Description: A formal mentoring program that pairs seasoned ADFM Administrators (more than 3 years in a department) with new ADFM Administrators (less than 3 years) in family medicine departments that are closely related. The participant receives assistance with the transition to a department of family medicine administrative role and improves knowledge, skills and abilities related to that role. The mentorship program lays out a format for defining expectations and specific goal-setting.

Leading Change Institute

Sponsor: Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM)
Audience: Two-person teams of mid-career and senior faculty in clinical leadership roles
Length: 1 year
User Fees: $6,600 for two participants
Awards: None
Description: The yearlong fellowship is uniquely designed to maximize the effectiveness of teams in transformational change. The fellowship is for mid- to senior-level leadership teams of two who join a community of leadership teams committed to practice transformation; interact regularly with faculty mentors as they engage in a change process; implement a practice change project with the assistance of experienced mentors and present it to a national audience; tap the wisdom of national thought leaders in family medicine teaching practices; and build leadership skills that strengthen change processes.

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