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Leadership Development Opportunities: Any Career Stage

Find leadership development opportunities sponsored by family medicine organizations. The following opportunities are available for individuals at any stage of their academic family medicine career. 

ABFM Visiting Scholars Program

Sponsor: American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM)
Audience: All Members of the Family
Length: 2-4 weeks
User Fees: None
Awards: Approximately $2,500 to support housing and travel expenses. Additional money is available to support academic presentations on the scholar’s work.
Description: This program offers participants an in-depth immersion at the ABFM and the opportunity to do research. The length of the experience is intended to be 2-4 weeks. Scholars will work directly with ABFM staff on original research projects that align their own interests with those of the ABFM. Young researchers can enjoy a research and policy experience at the ABFM, while learning about and conducting research regarding the roles of certification boards in setting health care policy and in improving the quality of health care. Scholars with a significant policy interest may complete the program in Washington, DC with our Vice President for Research and Policy. The goal is that each Scholar will develop a deliverable product at the end of their experience with a peer-reviewed publication as the norm.

Enhancing Career Satisfaction

Sponsor: American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)
Audience: Members 
Length: Each lecture is 1-2 hours 
User Fees: FMX registration 
Awards: None 
Description: A series of presentations at the AAFP FMX conference designed for practicing family physicians at turning points in their careers. Lectures cover topics such as how to seek new opportunities, change your professional direction, learn new skills like teaching, or find assistance with planning for retirement.  

Larry A. Green Visiting Scholar Program

Sponsor: Robert Graham Center
Audience: Students, Residents & Senior Faculty
Length: 1 Month
User Fees: None
Awards: One Visiting Scholar per month receives lodging and a small stipend for travel expenses
Description: The Robert Graham Center hosts a one-month visiting scholars program focused on health policy analysis relevant to primary care and family medicine. This program is supported by the Pisacano Leadership Foundation, the philanthropic foundation of the American Board of Family Medicine. Scholars work directly with Graham Center staff on original research projects with a goal of producing nationally significant publications and other dissemination of findings. The program provides researchers with an analytic policy immersion experience in the nation’s capital focused on health policy from a family medicine and primary care perspective; provides the RGC with a renewable source of ideas, energy, competencies, and service that enhances the performance of the RGC; develops the infrastructure for policy-relevant research in primary care; and builds research capacity for primary care throughout the nation. 

Robert L. Phillips, Jr., Health Policy Fellowship Program

Sponsor: Robert Graham Center & Georgetown University
Audience: Board-certified/eligible family physicians with strong interest in health policy
Length: Up to two years
User Fees: None
Awards: Annual stipend of $60,000 with health benefits and vacation
Description: The Graham Center and Georgetown University co-sponsor a one-year fellowship in health policy and faculty development. Fellows work with the Graham Center staff to address health policy questions of interest, culminating in a project for national dissemination. For all fellows, the year begins with exposure to primary care health policy data, developing research skills, and participating in all phases of research from conception through dissemination. The fellow is introduced to various local and national organizations focused on public policy research, planning, and implementation, including health care leaders and community activists. 

Each fellow will develop skills and knowledge to become clinical leaders in diverse settings of family medicine practice; prepare for careers in academic medicine through faculty development activities and by teaching medical students and residents; and educate future leaders in the development and promotion of primary care health policy, research, and publications.

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