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Behavioral Science/Family Systems Educator Fellowship

This competitive, yearlong fellowship is for family medicine faculty who have responsibility for coordinating or teaching the behavioral science/family systems curriculum. Preference is given to applicants with 1 to 5 years of experience as a faculty member.

BFEF includes a structured learning curriculum of core content and formalized mentoring that will enable you to:

  • Better understand the medical culture and learn how to increase the value of integrating behavioral science and family systems core principles into the practice of family medicine
  • Actively participate in a professional development plan that builds upon the fundamentals of behavioral science education.
  • Develop a Professional Learning Contract to include a mentored scholarly project
  • Benefit from a strong mentoring relationship with seasoned behavioral science/family systems educators


Fellows attend two events:

  • STFM Annual Spring Conference: BFEF preconference and conference fundamental skills track
  • The Forum on Behavioral Science in Family Medicine Conference: preconference and conference sessions

In addition to attending these two great conferences, the fellowship experience includes: 

  • A mentoring relationship with two seasoned behavioral science educators
  • Participation in a mentored group of 4 fellows, who will meet at designated times during the conferences and by phone monthly through the remainder of the fellowship year
  • A Professional Learning Contract that will include a mentored scholarly project to be completed and presented at the STFM Annual Spring Conference  
  • An opportunity to have your work highlighted in STFM publications and/or website  
  • Support in the write up of your scholarly project for submission to an STFM publication
  • Being honored at the STFM Annual Spring Conference after completion of your fellowship

"I have acquired a sense of belonging like I haven’t felt since grad school. I have come away with the satisfaction of a “genuine human encounter,” as Carl Rogers would say. I was in the midst of people who dared to be themselves and who dared to risk being in relationship in spite of differences. I saw differences arise and felt conflicting feelings. I saw differences resolved and felt hopeful. I found myself in sync with others and that consoled me, knowing there are multiple one-person fellowship treks in progress…Like rest stops, my mentors, peers, and many others will refuel me whenever the journey becomes too difficult or too long."

—Barbara Ackerman, PhD, Class of 2014


The program fee is $1,260 and covers program materials and expenses plus registration fees for one STFM Annual Spring Conference and the Behavioral Science Forum. Participants pay travel expenses.


Applications are due November 15. Download the application (Word doc).

For More Information

Contact Kathryn Fraser, PhD, the 2016 fellowship director.

The Behavioral Science/Family Systems Educator Fellowship is sponsored by STFM, in collaboration with the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Family Medicine, sponsor of The Forum for Behavioral Science.

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