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Advocacy Messaging

Legislators need to hear from you about why family medicine matters. Help us reach out to Congress and tell them how critical it is for them to support family medicine programs, such as Title VII, Medicare Graduate Medical Education, and the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research. You can make sure they understand why family medicine matters and how their actions impact you by scheduling meetings and setting up site visits. Meetings and site visits provide you an opportunity to personally demonstrate to legislators the role that these federal programs play in developing the primary care workforce and ensuring patient access to high quality primary care.


In addition to utilizing the national backgrounders we have developed, you should develop a local message of the need in your district or state. Consider also developing a talking point or two about the good certain programs provide in your district or state and/or alternatively, the harm that would be caused by their elimination.

Additional materials to help tailor your message and target the right legislator:

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