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Website FAQs

Look here for quick tips to help you navigate our website: 

Where can I find my online sales history?

Check out your profile page to track payments for conference registrations, memberships, and products. You'll be emailed a receipt whenever you register for a conference, renew your membership, or make a purchase.

My profile page lists the wrong medical school or residency program. How do I get that changed?

From your profile page, click on the tab titled Work Setting. Next to the incorrect medical school or residency program name, click the Edit button. Then select the state in which you work. From the list that appears, select your medical school or residency program and click on Save from List. If your school or residency program is not in the list, you can enter it in the Other field. However, check the list closely, as it should include all ACGME, LCME, and AOA accredited schools and programs. The name may be listed in a slightly different format than what you're used to.

How do I register for a conference?

You can do this from one of two places:

  • In the main navigation of the site, select Conferences, then choose the conference you'd like to attend, and then Registration Information. Walk through the steps, clicking Next after each step. 
  • You can also have your administrative assistant or other office personnel register you for STFM conferences.

How do I submit a proposal for a conference presentation?

  • In the main navigation of the site, select Conferences, then choose the conference, and then Call for Presentations, and then click on Create a New submission for a Presentation. Walk through the steps, clicking Next after each step. Click here for a PDF tutorial on our proposal submission process. 
  • An alternate way to submit a proposal is from your profile page. From your profile, select My Conference Presentations from the left-hand navigation and walk through the steps.

Where are the conference disclosure/conflicts of interest forms?  

To complete your disclosure form for a conference presentation, go to your profile page and click on My Disclosure from the left-hand navigation. You only need to complete one of these per conference, rather than one per presentation. Also, we'll keep this on file for a year, so you can just affirm that it's current (or make edits), rather than starting from scratch each time.

How can I link to my conference abstract for my CV?

We have created unique URLs for our conference abstracts so that you can link directly from your CV (or other documents and web pages) to the abstracts for your conference presentations.

How do I connect with members around similar interests?

You should start by exploring available connections using our STFM CONNECT site. STFM has a selection of active Collaboratives and Special Project teams that work collaboratively and network around issues and interests.

How can I get a receipt for my membership dues?

When you join or renew online, a confirmation receipt will appear on screen. Click on the print button in the upper right-hand corner of the page to print your receipt. Also, when you register for a conference, renew your membership, or make a purchase, you’ll be emailed a receipt. 

What if I need help?

If you can't find what you're looking for, or need help with a form, we're here to help. Please contact the following for:

  • Conference Registrations: Dianna Azbill, 800-274-7928, ext. 5415.
  • Conference Abstract Submissions:  Ray Biggs, 800-274-7928, ext. 5407 or Dianna Azbill, ext. 5415.
  • Membership Join/Renewals: Sarah Eggers, 800-274-7928, ext. 5409.
  • Collaboratives and Special Project Teams: Traci Nolte, 800-274-7928, ext. 5420

You can also watch the following tutorials:

How can I provide feedback on the website?

We welcome your feedback. Let us know if you have suggestions or if you find anything that's not working as it should. Email us here.

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