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STFM Leadership Opportunities

Get involved! STFM offers a number of opportunities for members to get engaged in the leadership of the organization. Whether you are a new member or someone who has been a member of the Society for several years, there is a role to fit your interests and skills.

Collaboratives, Special Project Teams, Task Forces, and Committees

STFM Collaborative and Special Project Team Leadership
Leaders provide direction and inspiration to accomplish the work of the Collaboratives and Special Project Teams. On occasion, the STFM Board will ask a Collaborative or Special Project Team to lead an initiative deemed of critical importance to STFM. Collaborative Leadership must submit annual goals and communicate regularly with the STFM Board.

STFM Task Forces
As the need arises, STFM forms member task forces to tackle important projects. Watch the STFM Messenger for opportunities to serve on task forces.  

STFM Committees

STFM committees members serve 2-year terms that are renewable for a second term.

  • The Communications Committee oversees the publications of the Society including Family Medicine, the Messenger, PRIMER, electronic communications, including the website and the STFM Resource Library, and policies related to STFM awards and publications.
  • The Medical Student Education Committee oversees many of STFM's educational programs, plans the Conference on Medical Student Education, organizes the STFM Academic Track for the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students, recruits authors for the STFM Education Column, and addresses the faculty development needs of members..
  • The Academic Family Medicine Advocacy Committee represents the interests of family medicine by monitoring and advocating STFM positions to appropriate government agencies.
  • The Graduate Medical Education Committee provides insight and resources to address the issues and needs of family medicine residency educators and their programs.
  • The Program Committee plans the Annual Spring Conference, which serves as a showcase for the latest developments in family medicine education and research.
  • The Research Committee oversees research offerings for the Annual Spring Conference and promotes the continued development of researchers, research activities, and research support for family medicine.
  • The three-person Nominations Committee selects individuals to run for STFM office. Terms for Nominations Committee members are 3 years.

This Committee Member Commitment Form outlines expectations of individuals chosen to serve on STFM Committees. Committee members are expected to travel to attend approximately two in-person meetings per year; STFM will cover travel expenses for those meetings. Additionally, conference call meetings will be scheduled as needed. 

Publication Reviewers

Family Medicine Editorial Board
The Family Medicine editor selects Family Medicine Editorial Board members. Generally, it’s helpful if you’ve served as a reviewer for Family Medicine if you are interested in be selected for this role. Contact Traci Nolte if you have an interest in serving on the Editorial Board.

STFM Journals Reviewer
The editors for Family Medicine and PRiMER are always looking for good reviewers for papers. Contact Traci Nolte if you have an interest in serving in this role.

Teaching Physician Author provides preceptors at teaching sites practical teaching tips and insight. If you have an interest in authoring a piece for this resource, contact Brian Hischier.

Fellowship Leadership Roles

Behavioral Science Family Systems Educator Fellowship (BFEF)
BFEF Program Director serves as the primary decision maker for the course and development of the fellowship. This is a three year commitment.

BFEF Director of Mentor Development trains, monitors and oversees the BFEF small group mentors. He/she is a member of the BFEF Steering Committee for the duration of their term and attends the Steering Committee monthly conference calls. This is a 2-3 year commitment.  

Small Group Mentors work in pairs to guide the learning and development of fellows through monthly conference calls, emails, and meetings. This is a one year commitment.

Behavioral Science Basics Wiki Chairperson overseas the wiki content development, coordinates quarterly review conference calls, and works with STFM staff to train the wiki page monitors. The chairperson is a member of the steering committee of the BFEF fellowship. This is a 3-year commitment.

Behavioral Science Basics Wiki Page Monitor develops and updates select wiki pages and participates in quarterly review conference calls.


Other Liaison Activities

ACE Representative
The Alliance for Clinical Education is a consortium of eight clerkship director groups that sponsor joint projects and represent those groups at the AAMC.

There have been a number of ACE-sponsored projects that have been useful for the work of clerkship directors: the statement of expectations for a clerkship director, the clerkship director handbook, a study of the influence of pharmaceutical reps on medical students, among others. The STFM Group on Medical Education has had three representatives who serve 3-year terms and one representative from the STFM Board. For more information, contact Dana Greco.

Center for the History of Family Medicine Representative
In this role, the liaison is responsible for representing STFM at the bi-annual Center meeting, continuing the ongoing STFM oral history project, and coordinating activities pertinent to the documentation and promotion of STFM's history. Travel to the one in-person Curator's meeting is paid by STFM. This individual serves a 3-year term. Read about the responsibilities of this position (Word). Contact Stacy Brungardt with questions.

Wonca Representative
This individual represents STFM at Wonca meetings and serves a 3-year term, which can be renewed for a maximum of 3 years. We rely on the Group on Global Health to assist with nominations, and we do an open call in the STFM Messenger. This is an STFM Board appointment. 

Representative to the AAMC Council of Faculty and Academic Societies
The term of office for the STFM representative to the AAMC Council of Faculty and Academic Societies is 3 years and begins at the conclusion of the annual membership meeting at the STFM Annual Spring Conference that immediately follows the CFAS representative election. The term ends at the conclusion of the third succeeding annual meeting of the members. CFAS representatives may not serve more than two consecutive 3-year terms. Read about the responsibilities of the position (Word).

Other Appointments
Other opportunities spring up from time to time for task oriented activities. For example, STFM had an opportunity to provide reviewers for the American Geriatrics Society project that was developing competencies related to geriatrics for internal medicine and family medicine residents. Five members of our Group on Geriatrics stepped up for this role. One way to help be selected for these activities is to make sure you are involved in the activities of your group AND make sure you have let STFM know what your educational interests are. We use this list to identify volunteers in key topic area. 

One-Time Leadership Roles

Annual Spring Conference Reviewer
The STFM Program Committee welcomes assistance from members who wish to review the Annual Spring Conference submissions. For information, contact Ray Rosetta

CERA Mentor
CERA is seeking experienced researchers to work with investigators to refine survey questions, help prepare manuscripts and abstracts, keep the survey team moving forward, and assist with data analysis. Learn more

Dine-Out Leader
STFM is always looking for individuals who will lead dine-outs at our conferences. The responsibilities are simple and straight forward. You just need to lead the group to the restaurant and make folks feel welcome. STFM coordinates all the restaurant logistics. Contact Dianna Azbill if you are interested.

STFM Messenger Education Column Author
This opportunity is available for individuals who want to share ideas through a thought piece in the STFM Messenger. Contact Traci Nolte if you are interested. 

Board Service

STFM Board of Directors

There are 18 members of the STFM Board.

Elected Board Members:

  • President
  • President-Elect
  • Immediate Past President
  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Council of Faculty and Academic Societies Representative
  • Members at Large (3)
  • Resident Representative
  • Student Representative

Non-Elected Board Members

  • Standing committee chairs (6)
  • STFM Executive Director
  • STFM Foundation President

With the exception of the Resident and Student Representatives, which are elected at the National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Students, the Nominations Committee is responsible for selecting the candidates who run for STFM office. The committee considers many factors when selecting candidates, including diversity of perspective on the Board, level of leadership activity within STFM, current strategic priorities of the Board, and the talents of the individuals being considered. Individuals are welcomed to self-nominate. A call for nominees is published in the STFM Messenger.

Here’s more information about the responsibilities of each Board position and what is expected of Board members.

Contact Stacy Brungardt if you are interested in being considered for STFM Board service.

STFM Foundation Trustees
The Trustees serve as the Foundation Board of Directors. Diversity is critical component of the selection process for Trustees, along with an individual’s level of engagement in the Society and the Foundation and a person’s interest in moving the Foundation forward. Trustees serve a 4-year term. The Trustee Expectations document (PDF) provides insight into what is expected of individuals in this role.

Diversity is a core value of STFM. When filling leadership positions, STFM takes into consideration many factors: expertise, knowledge, gender, age, degree, race/ethnicity, role, geography, etc.

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