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Family Medicine for America’s Health Seeks Tactic Team Volunteers
Family Medicine for America’s Health (FMAHealth) is looking for volunteers to help its Tactic Teams achieve their objectives. Volunteers are needed in these three roles: 

Project Team Member

Each of the six Tactic Teams will be working from 2015 through 2019 to accomplish a number of projects. There are three ways to serve as a Project Team Member: 

  • Experts: People who bring knowledge, experience, and/or expertise that helps accomplish a task or achieve an objective. 

  • Influencers: People who believe work on a particular project is very important and sign on to help influence others about its importance, especially as results of the work are achieved and consequences for action become clear. 

  • Mobilizers: People who have passion and interest in working on a project whether or not they have experience or expertise in the subject matter. These are people who want to jump in and get work done. 

Advisory Group Member

Advisory Group members will lend their perspective on issues or tasks through online discussion boards, participation in surveys, and through other channels. 


Not everyone who is interested in the work of a particular Tactic Team will be able to commit the time and attention needed to act as either a Project Team Member or Advisory Group Member. Communicators will be kept informed of Tactic Team activities and will have opportunities to participate in Tactic Teams when their schedules permit. Additionally, FMAHealth will ask Communicators to tell people they know about opportunities to engage. 

How to Volunteer

Fill out this questionnaire

About Family Medicine for America’s Health 

Eight family medicine organizations, including the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, are in the midst of a multi-year campaign, called Family Medicine for America's Health, to demonstrate the value of primary care in delivering on the Triple Aim of better health, better care, and lower costs. The campaign uses national advertising, workplace programs, and stakeholder outreach to raise awareness of the role of family medicine in the health care system. 

The Family Medicine for America's Health strategic plan centers on seven core strategies: 

  • Ensure every person will have a personal relationship with a trusted family physician or other primary care professional, in the context of a medical home
  • Increase the value of primary care
  • Reduce health care disparities
  • Lead the continued evolution of the patient-centered medical home
  • Ensure a well-trained primary care workforce
  • Improve payment for primary care by moving away from fee for service and towards comprehensive primary care payment 

To learn more about FMAHealth, visit the our FMAH Health page

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