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Celebrate STFM's 50th Anniversary

STFM turns 50 in 2017! Join the parties at our conferences; read about our past, present, and future in our publications; and engage with colleagues through blog posts, social media, and our video wall. 

Here's some of what's happening throughout the year.


Blog posts begin with a kick off by Joe Scherger, MD, 50th Anniversary Task Force Chair. Watch for 50th anniversary posts every month, under the categories remembering the past, embracing the present, shaping the future.

Throw-back Thursday posts begin on Facebook (continue throughout the year)

STFM alerts other organizations about our anniversary


50th Anniversary activities will be woven throughout the Conference on Medical Student Education, including:

  • 50th Anniversary kick-off reception and MSE Village on February 9 with:
    • Decorations, including a balloon archway, a 50th anniversary ice sculpture, and gold centerpieces 
    • Welcome greetings by Melly Goodell, MD, and Stacy Brungardt, CAE 
    • Light dinner/heavy appetizers
    • Stations with games
    • Poster session
  • An STFM history exhibit
  • A plenary session on the evolving future of family medicine
  • Selfie booth with a 50th Anniversary background
  • 50th Anniversary cake with candles at the luncheon on February 10
  • Evening networking event on February 11
  • Reflection journal for all attendees
  • Giveaway/swag for attendees
  • Time capsule ceremonial event
  • 50th Anniversary scavenger hunt


Small history exhibit at the AAFP Annual Chapter Leadership Forum

Dedicated issue of Family Medicine


50th Anniversary activities will be woven throughout the STFM Annual Spring Conference, including:

  • Networking luncheon with 50th Anniversary cake on May 6
  • Gold Party,  50th Anniversary program, and dance party on May 7
  • 50th Anniversary "Light the Torch" Marathonaki Fun Run/Walk on May 8
  • STFM at the Padres game on May 8
  • Documentary videos preceding the general sessions: remembering the past; embracing the present, shaping the future
  • 50th Anniversary scavenger hunt
  • Gold decorations
  • Full STFM history exhibit with tours
  • Selfie booth with a 50th Anniversary background
  • Giveaways/swag 
  • Time capsule ceremonial event
  • Scheduled conversations between attendees and VIPs 
  • STFM Fellowship Alumni breakfast
  • Foundation LIght the Torch ribbons for donors who have contributed $5,000 or more to STFM
  • Parade of Foundation award recipients at the Blanchard Lecture
  • $50, $500, $5,000 donation campaign
  • Light the Torch theme for Foundation activities


50th Anniversary virtual scavenger hunt using STFM Connect 

Small history exhibit at the AAFP National Conference of Residents and Students 


Small history exhibit at the Forum for Behavioral Science 


50th Anniversary activities will be woven throughout the Conference on Practice Improvement, including: 

  • Gold decorations 
  • 50th Anniversary scavenger hunt 
  • STFM history exhibit 
  • Time capsule ceremonial event 


Publication of a 50th Anniversary Highlights booklet. This will include photos, quotes, and narrative about what happened throughout the year. It will be distributed with the January 2018 Family Medicine journal.

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